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‘Culture on the Move’ — Creative Expo Taiwan opens on April 24

  • 2019-05-06
  • car網站管理員

Creative Expo Taiwan 2019 fires up traditional and innovative cultural movements through five exhibition areas along old railway corridors. Culture is always on the move!

Creative Expo Taiwan will celebrate its ninth year from April 24 through May 5. The theme this year is "Culture on the Move," and the 2019 edition will focus on the dynamism and diversity of culture through the connections and clashes between tradition and innovation.
In a departure from past years, the 2019 expo is crafted around the old Taipei rail lines, linking together Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, and the Taipei Railway Workshop Museum.
These main five expo sites are joined by the National Taiwan Museum Railway Department Park and the Taipei Music Center, creating a "cultural innovation corridor" with a variety of fringe activities organized for the duration of the expo. With the city as its stage, the 2019 expo will enable the public to move around and explore as they gain a new sense of the land on which we live.
This year's Creative Expo Taiwan will continue to deepen cultural concepts through its curation. Chief curatorial consultant Chan Wei-hsiung (詹偉雄) and curator Liu Chen-jung (劉真蓉) are leading the charge, heading up a team of creative people from the worlds of design, performing arts, and music. The expo is divided into five main themes across the participating venues, namely "Fair on the Move," "Stage on the Move," "Places on the Move," "School on the Move," and "Infrastructure on the Move."
The 2019 expo will also feature the works of over 570 design and graphics licensing brands, which will be on display at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Expo Dome sites. The dome will also play host to the participants of Taiwan Talent 100 — their images will be displayed in both flat and augmented-reality forms in what is expected to be a showcase for the multi-dimensional nature and infinite possibilities of graphical creativity.